Create Image Composites Using RSGISLib

Create image composites can be useful for many applications but it can be difficult to do well and efficiently. The following tutorial shows how to create a maximum NDVI composite for two Landsat row/paths for 2005 and 2010. RSGISLib_CompositeImagery_Compress.pdf FG_Landsat_ROI.kea 2005 ARD Images (>2Gb) 2010 ARD Images (>2Gb) 2005 Composite Image Result 2010 Composite Image […]

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Introduction to PrecisionFlight for Drone Imaging Surveys

This is a tutorial which goes through automating drone flights using the PrecisionFlight app and then processing the resulting imagery using the Precision Mapper service to produce an ortho-mosaic. This PDF for the tutorial can be downloaded from here: DroneCapture_PrecisionFlight_Compress.pdf The resulting orthomosaic from the flight within this tutorial can be viewed from here: Other […]

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Introduction to Change Detection Using RSGISLib

This tutorial provides an introduction to different methods of change detection for remote sensing image analysis and classification. It also demonstrates comparing a number of machine learning classifiers. Worksheet (RSGISLib_ImgClass_ChangeDetection.pdf) Datasets (  

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Classification Accuracy QGIS Plugin

We’ve written a plugin for QGIS which allows the accuracy of classification to be assessed in an efficient manner. For information on how to use the plugin and follow the tutorial in the worksheet below: Worksheet (ClassAccuracyQGISPluginTutorial.pdf) Example Dataset for Worksheet ( The latest version of the plugin can be download from the bitbucket repository.

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Introduction to ARCSI for Generating Analysis Ready Data for Landsat and Sentinel-2

The following tutorial provides an introduction to analysis ready data (ARD) and atmospheric correction using ARCSI. The main datasets used for the tutorial are some Landsat 5 scenes, these are smaller in file size and therefore quicker to download. However, Sentinel-2 is also addressed and the modifications to the Landsat 5 commands provided as examples. […]

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Introduction to Image Data Analysis Using RSGISLib

Updated during January 2018, this tutorial provides an introduction to the Remote Sensing and GIS Software library. The tutorial includes: Image band maths Create python command line tools Using the python multi-processing library Per-pixel based image classification Object Base image classification Image segmentation The tutorial using ALOS PALSAR and Landsat Image. The documents can be […]

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